In case you ever wondered what goes into the process of design here at No One Famous, this is how it works.


IMG_20170413_145847_180 (1).jpg

1)   Consultation – Discuss and advise.


2)   Take 13 or more unique measurements for the outfit.


3)   Book appointment for the 1ST of a series of fittings.


4)   Construct pattern.



5)   Construct sample from Calico.


6)   1ST fitting of the sample including making sizing adjustments where necessary.


7)   Another fitting to check the previous sample adjustments are all correct. If not fully correct at this stage, another fitting can be booked.



8)   Corrections are made to the pattern to reflect the changes made to the sample.


9)   Once we’re happy with all adjustments, the garment is made out of the customer’s chosen fabric to a stage where it can be fitted, before finishings are complete.


10)   This is usually the final fitting to check garment is correct with the necessary finishings.


11)   Small tweaks and adjustments are made if changes are needed after the final fitting.


12)   Garment complete, pressed and packaged for collection.